Jodi Medell, DPT

Jodi’s Story

Jodi Medell has been in the physical therapy field for over twenty years. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, her Master’s degree from Oakland University, and her Doctorate degree from Regis University. She also studied traditional osteopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Jodi is passionate about her work as a physical therapist. She views herself as one who sculpts the body with her hands as she finds the core of the problem(s) and works with the tissues to release the restrictions. She finds the osteopathic approach most in alignment with her belief system as it honours a dialogue with the tissue, the belief that the human body is a functional unit and that the body has an inherent ability of auto-regulation and healing. Jodi also is driven by functional outcomes. It’s important to her that the healing work experienced results in an improvement in one’s functional ability. She is able to dance between the active and passive roles of both the clinician and the patient/client to create healing with a palpable positive change in function.

Jodi is an athlete. She is fascinated by human movement and the capacity of the human body to change given the forces imposed on it. Jodi has become very adept at finding the functional movement deficits by watching her patients move through normal daily activities. She uses basic tools to assist in re-establishing healthy (and pain-free) movement patterns.

Jodi has been blessed with many life experiences and accomplishments. Her most treasured experiences professionally are creating The Running Hub (Santa Fe’s only running specialty store), completing her doctorate in physical therapy and beginning Integration Therapy, LLC. Jodi’s greatest personal achievement is being a mom. She has an amazing son that continues to blow her away on all levels daily! She lives in gratitude for all her blessings.

Jodi has many interests that mostly revolve around being with her son, Evan, and with nature. She still gets up at the crack of dawn and runs daily with her dog, Buddy. She also loves her CrossFit workouts, mountain biking, skiing and paddle boarding. She enjoys cooking and maintaining a clean and healthy diet. Travel is limited right now, but as her son gets older, she is looking forward to sharing world travel with him. Lastly, Jodi follows a daily meditation ritual that she finds very centering and healing. It allows her to connect with all that is (and is not) to create the stage for a balanced life.

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